How to log into the Webmail through the Client Area?

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You can log into the Webmail through the Client Area using the directions below.

  • STEP #1:
    Log into the Client Area using your primary email address and your password:

  • STEP #2:
    Click the Services > My Services link in the top navigation menu.
  • STEP #3:
    Click the Manage Product button in the last column of the product table.
  • STEP #4:
    Click the Login to Webmail link in the Actions box in the left column.
  • STEP #5:
    Enter your email address and password for that email account, and click the Log in button.
    Note: For your convenience, you can bookmark the Webmail Login URL, so next time you can access it directly, without repeating the first 4 steps.
If you need our assistance, please contact us by opening a support ticket through your client area.


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