SKGOLD Marketing Ltd. Announces Trademark Registration

SKGOLD® Marketing Ltd, premier Canadian internet services provider, announces that the company has been awarded official Canadian trademark recognition.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (SKGOLDHOSTING.COM) 06 May 2013 – SKGOLD® Marketing Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Calgary-based web services company has been granted an official trademark by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The company provides web hosting, domain name registration, website design, SEO (search engine optimization) services, Internet marketing, and consulting for businesses and individuals in Canada and internationally.

According to Sergey Krongold, CEO for SKGOLD® Marketing Ltd., the formal registration of the company’s trademark is a significant achievement. "SKGOLD® is now officially recognized as our identity. It’s our brand. The trademark distinguishes our business and services from all others and protects us from unauthorized imitators." Krongold explains that having an official trademark not only protects his company from anyone who might try to pretend to be SKGOLD® but also assures customers that they are working with the real deal.

The process to obtain an official trademark in Canada does not happen overnight. Mr. Krongold says it took approximately two years and multiple steps to complete. Once the process is finalized, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides access to information about the company through its searchable online database. "SKGOLD® is proud of the work we do and the services and products we deliver, and our trademark assures our customers that we are who we say we are."

About SKGOLD® Hosting:
Founded in 2003, SKGOLD® Marketing Ltd. is a Calgary-based Canadian internet marketing and web hosting company. SKGOLD® Marketing Ltd. provides web hosting, domain name registrations, website design, and many other Internet marketing services for individuals and businesses around the globe.


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